We ask that you put in requests for repeat medications at least 2 full working days in advance, because there are a number of stages that have to be followed before your medication is ready.

  1. The request has to be translated into a formal prescription
  2. The prescription has to be signed by a Doctor
  3. The prescription has to be sent to your chosen Pharmacy or to our Dispensary
  4. The medication may have to be ordered from the supplier, as Pharmacies and Dispensaries do not carry every item in stock for cost, shelf life and supply issues (amongst others)
  5. The medication has to be dispensed, labelled and packed.

Please therefore plan your repeat medication requests well in advance to avoid unnecessary problems. Your co-operation would be appreciated.

Repeat prescriptions requests are not accepted over the telephone, for reasons of confidentiality etc.  Repeat Prescriptions requests can be:

  • Made in writing using the repeat slips attached to the prescription.
  • Made in writing using the repeat slips in the porch.
  • Online.
  • Posted to the Dispensary, care of the surgery’s address.

The Dispensary mailbox is in the main porch of the surgery building and when the building is closed, the post box is around the side by the cycle park.

We are only currently permitted to authorise repeat prescriptions for a period of 4 weeks. This is tied to the re-reimbursement cycle for Pharmacies and Dispensaries to claim the cost of the medication back from the Prescription Pricing Authority. This is also designed to reduce the waste caused by people not using all the medication they request. As this medication cannot be re-used, the cost to the taxpayer currently amounts to millions of pounds nationally each year.

Items that have not been issued for over 6 months are also removed from your current list of medications, because treatment regimes change etc. If they are required again, they need to be re-authorised by your doctor.