Can I make an appointment on line?

You can book a variety of appointments to see Doctors up to 6 weeks in advance, using our EMIS access facility (link in Appointments menu above). Please collect a registration form from Reception. This service is only available on a named patient basis, if you are over 16 years of age


Please telephone us and we will do our best to accommodate you. However, in some circumstances if you are over 10 minutes late, in fairness to other patients and to staff commitments, we may not be able to see you and may have to ask you to re-book your appointment.

Home Visits

When patients are unable to visit the surgery, home visits can be made by Doctors and District Nurses (if referred by the Doctors). It would help us if requests were made before 10:00. The telephonist will ask for details of the patient and the problem so that the urgency of the call can be assessed.

Please bear in mind that the doctor can see at least four people in surgery in the time taken to do one home visit.

Please ensure that you really need a home visit before requesting one. Lack of transport does not constitute a reason for a home visit.

Your doctor will also be happy to discuss a problem with you over the telephone. If the doctor is unavailable when you call, please leave your number and the call will be returned. This can often save either the need for a home visit or an appointment.

Appointment check-in

It is always a tremendous help to our staff, if you can use the self-check in system, if you are simply booking in. This allows the staff to devote more time to patients with more complex questions and appointments that need to be made.

The self-check works on the basis of looking for the unique details of your gender, and month/day of birth and an appointment within the current time frame. Should someone with the same details have booked in within time frame, it will additionally prompt you to confirm your year of birth. The system will then book you in automatically and advise you, who you are seeing and where to wait, to save you standing in a possible queue.