Appointments can be booked/cancelled online, or by telephoning the surgery on 01580 763666.

We strive very hard to try and provide a variety of appointments throughout the working day to suit the different needs of our 14,500 patients.

We try and maintain a balance of appointments bookable in advance and some for release on the day. This is always a delicate balancing act. Should the supply of appointments be exhausted, we will try and add you to the end of a Principals’ clinic, for you to be seen as an “emergency”. We will ask you to come before your booked appointment time, because it is often difficult to judge how soon the doctor will be finished with his booked patients.

The normal pattern is that the GPs hold clinics in the morning and afternoon/evening and devote the middle of the day to the home visits, which have been requested that day, and to the care of patients in the residential/ nursing homes and West View Care Centre.

If you feel that your problem could be dealt with over the telephone, then we are happy to take a message and ask the Doctor or Nurse to telephone you. They will normally do this at the end of their surgeries. Please ensure that your telephone line is kept free to enable this to happen.

Every month over 100 appointments are not used, because patients fail to turn up or ring to cancel their appointment. Please advise us if you are unable to make an appointment, so that the slot can be used for another person.

Whenever possible, appointments should be made with your normal doctor as this aids the continuity of care. If your usual doctor is not available, an appointment can be made with another doctor.

When are the telephone lines open?

Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 18:30 (excluding bank holidays).

It is very helpful to the smooth running of this busy Practice, if you can avoid making routine calls between 08:00 to 10:30, as our lines are very busy with calls of a more urgent nature at this time.

Between our opening hours of 08:00 and 18:30, we receive over 2 thousand calls a week – i.e. almost one every minute. Some of these calls can be complex; some can be dealt with quickly.

Please note all calls are recorded for quality and monitoring purposes.

Please telephone after 10:00 for non-urgent appointments.

An urgent appointment can be made for the same day, although it might not necessarily be with your usual doctor.

Extended Hours Appointments

We have limited appointments available out of hours on Mondays to Saturdays.

Please note the telephone lines are not available during these times.