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Dr David Dodds Retirement 31/03/2021

To all my dear patients,

After just over 33 years at Ivy Court Surgery I have decided to retire from the partnership. It has been a privilege to have spent all my professional life in General Practice here in Tenterden looking after my patients.

I would like to thank you all for enhancing my experience in such a wonderful part of the world. I feel truly spoilt.

I wish you all the best of health over the coming years. Certainly this past year has been a challenge to everyone and I thank you all for coping so well with all the trials and tribulations that have been thrown at you.

Moving into the new Ivy Court fills me with great hope for the future. I am sure the surgery will continue to provide outstanding care for you all.

The Practice will keep you informed as to who your new caring doctor will be in the near future.

Best wishes and thank you

David Dodds

Dispensary Training Dates

Dispensary will be closed for staff training from 8am to 9am on the following dates:

17th March 2021, 14th April 2021, and 12th May 2021

Covid-19 Vaccination Update

Vaccine Update:
The quantity of vaccines available to Ivy Court Surgery is currently around 150/week. This is considerably lower than previously.
This is due to an increasing focus on providing vaccines through the mass vaccination sites and thus we are receiving less vaccine stock. This is not under our control as a surgery.
The initial groups, groups 1 to 4, that is, the elderly, housebound, nursing home residents etc, were better suited to being provided with their vaccines by their local GP, and we have completed the overwhelming majority of this work for their first vaccinations.
We are still working through our cohorts of patients and are focusing on group 6 at present (16 to 65 year olds WITH qualifying medical conditions)
We are also vaccinating Group 5 (That is healthy adults between the age of 65 to 70) but this group should also be eligible for vaccination at a mass vaccination centre and may achieve their vaccination sooner via this route.
However, if you are over 60 OR in an at risk group you can book a vaccination online at:…/coron…/book-coronavirus-vaccination
For those able to travel to a mass vaccination centre we would recommend taking this option as your quickest and simplest route to vaccination.
It is likely the GP based vaccination service will continue to focus on the very elderly, the clinically vulnerable, and those with complex needs which make them unsuitable to be vaccinated at the mass vaccination centre. We will, of course be undertaking the re-call of all these patients for their second doses in the near future, so these groups will continue to be the focus of our work for some time yet.
Meanwhile the mass vaccination centre is likely to be the best and quickest route to a first dose of vaccine for most people, and they are currently offering booking to all those in groups 5 and 7.
Please watch the national website for updates on when mass vaccination booking is opened up to groups 8 and 9 (over age 55, and over 50 respectively).